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Summer patio pots & hanging baskets
Item No: MES185
Looking for a great gift for someone or perhaps for your yard/deck - why not try our patio pots and hanging baskets and our red Dragon Wing Begonias in 8" grow pots. Ideal for an exterior entrance, on the deck or, well, on the patio or, in the case of the Dragon Wing Begonias, mainly a shady location. As the plants mature, the colorful Petunia and other plants flowers will multiply. The Petunia based floral pots are available in 14" and 12" diameter pots and 10" diameter hanging baskets. . Patio pots and hanging baskets grown especial for us in this area by a leading speciality grower to get the best out of the plants in our area. Petunia colors and plant species may vary. Just remember to water the pots, especial the hanging baskets. If it has not rained for 36 hours, the plants probably need watering. Flowers will look tired and limp when they need watering and the plants in the hanging baskets will probably dry out faster than those in the pots. It is also recommended to provide part-shade for the Petunia based pots.
8" diameter Dragon Wing Begonia pot
Hanging 10" diameter basket
12" diameter pot
14" diameter pot