Forecast Weather conditions and Covid-19 information:

Burlington County, New Jersey, weather forecast for Nov.21st.- Nov.27th. is for lower than usual seasonal 
temperatures early in the week and then warming to seasonal temperatures. Forecast to be wet Friday 25th - Saturday 26th. Coronavirus/Covid-19 still requires, in some instances due to individual and business preferences, for us to operate within certain parameters and procedures. A functioning telephone number is required for the recipient. Failure to provide such a 'phone number, other than for a funeral at a house of worship or funeral home, may delay the delivery of your gift.

Open for on-line/website orders, 'phone orders - 609 654 8338 - and in-store shopping and consultations.

Floral availability continues to be impacted by the fragility of the global supply chains. All manner of factors are at play depending upon where in the world our flora is sourced from: factors such as Covid, the global economic shock waves over the past 33 months including transportation issues and particularly poor weather in some regions cause erratic and problematic supply. Therefore, our product range has been narrowed and the availability of any given item referenced on here remains subject to change for reasons often beyond our control. Substitutions of flora and/or color may occur where necessary. That written, we have a continually changing selection of fresh-cut flora -  several of which are not pictured on here -  often as the seasons evolve. The mid-Spring to early Fall months allow us, for example, to take advantage of fresh, organic, grown outdoors flora here in south/central New Jersey where feasible. For these reasons, we recommend that you 'phone us to discuss your order. Visit Medford Florist on Yelp, Instagram, Facebook or on Google search, to give you an idea of our style and designs.

- For residental fresh-cut floral deliveries, if the temperatures are 35F or below - actual or forecast - we will 'phone the recipient prior to the delivery to determine when someone will be at the delivery address to accept the delivery. If there is no answer, where feasible, we will leave a voice-mail asking the recipient to call us back. We must have a current, functioning, 'phone number for the recipient to be able to do this. No 'phone number, a wrong one or where the message box is full may result in a delivery delay. If delivery is for a minor, the 'phone number of a supervising adult is required. If the delivery is for a plant, will always be in advance depending upon the nature of the plant and the weather;

- Elderly care establishment deliveries, schools, hospital/health care facility deliveries & those to a business, 
will be in conjunction to their current practices. Note that hospitals never allow fresh flowers nor plants in Intensive Care. For delivery to a school or business, you are asked to provide their opening and closing times and, if possible, the time the recipient is on the delivery premises;
- Deliveries to funeral homes are made in conjunction to their requirements and, please remember, funeral homes require floral deliveries a few hours before services begin with morning service deliveries invariably required the previous day; and
- There will be no delivery confirmation in the form of the recipient's signed acknowledgement of receipt.

The above is subject to change based upon actual & forecast weather changes and possible virus developments.

The towns we deliver to are Medford & Medford Lakes (08055); Marlton/Evesham (08053); Mount Laurel (08054); Lumberton (08048); Hainesport (08036); Southampton/Vincentown, Shamong/Indian Mills & Tabernacle (all 08088).

By placing an order with Medford Florist you accept the policies on this page and elsewhere on this website regarding weather, delivery and Coronavirus/Covid-19 conditions. If you have any questions, please, 'phone us at 609 654 8338 prior to placing your order.. 

We thank you for reading this. Stay safe, happy and remember, flowers put a smile on a face and, perhaps more than ever, make someone feel special and remembered!