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Indoor Foliage Plant
Item No: MES233
We offer a changing selection of, sometimes unusual, indoor plants, presented in pot covers appropriate for the plant. Plant selection currently includes, but not limited to, Song Of India, Rattle Snake Plant, Kumquat, Sansevieria, Schefflera, Ficus Alii, Money Tree, Alocasia, Croton, Bromeliad, Tecoma and more. The planters/pots/pot covers are chosen from ceramic, terra-cotta, wicker and metal, in part depending upon the plant itself. Plants are available in 6", 8" or larger diameter pots. We will select the best available and deliver this for you. Kindly note that your purchase is for a single plant with pot cover. We do require the recipients phone number. If this is not provided, your delivery may well be delayed.
6" pot w/cover
8" pot w/cover
9-10" pot w/cover
12" pot w/cover