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Flowering Rosemary Officinalis Topiary
Item No: MES260
Fill the home or work place with the wonderful aroma of fresh Rosemary. The plant is available in 2 options: as shown (and with a topping of fresh natural moss); and the up-graded option of a ceramic pot cover. The plants are currently not in bloom - blooming season is during Winter. Care for Rosemary includes misting the leaves is a good idea and watering weekly, although more frequently in the Summer so that the plant does not dry out. Rosemary thrives in medium to full sun. The hardiness zone for this plant is 8 +, which puts it on the border line for our region of New Jersey - if planted outside in a sheltered , sunny, location, the plant might thrive. Our plants are approx. 22" in height x 10" diameter. A charming gift or for yourself. We recommend this plant for ornamental purposes only. Do NOT consume.
As shown