Product Details
3-piece contemporary single flower vase
Item No: MES291
A contemporary take on the single vase....3 single stem vases securely contained within 2 sheets of glass. A wonderful gift for someone of any age. We picture 3 Gerbera stems, one per vase. We actually offer 3 price points: the shown price point would feature an individual flower per vase (or 3 stems per unit) such as Scabiosa or Gerbera; the mid price would feature Rose; the upper-price would be, for example, Protea Pincushion. The 3-piece vase is also available without any flora. Flora selection varies based upon your selection, the season and availability. The vase unit itself is 10" w x 8" h x 2.5" d.
Vase unit no flowers
Vase and shown price flora
Vase and mid price flora
Vase and upper price flora