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Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Plant
Item No: MES316
The Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree is an increasingly popular houseplant, in good part due to the visual impact of the plant. The plant has leaves of an almost shinny leather texture and are roughly, equivalent to the size, and shape, of a fiddle... hence the name. This plant makes a dramatic and thoughtful gift. At approx. 40" tall x 30" wide, the individual plants are ideal for a large, interior, space, perhaps in an entrance hall, family room or, maybe, even a sunroom. This plant actually enjoys being positioned in front of an eastern facing window or close to southern and western facing windows. Keep the plant, however, away from air vents / heat and cooling sources. A humid environment is ideal for this plant and it will take up to 6 hours of full sunlight - hence the sunroom location. The fiddle Leaf likes its soil evenly moist with a brief drying out period between waterings. In short, water the plant thoroughly whenever the top 2" of soil have dried. We offer the plant with a basket pot cover 12" in diameter. The metal container in the picture is not included.
$94.95 Described plant w/basket pot cover