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Thanksgiving Designer's Choice
Thanksgiving Designer's Choice
Item No: MES319
Thanksgiving centerpieces complete the all-important dinner table and we offer unique designs created just for you by ordering this "Designer's Choice". We offer various price points, in part based upon your table size. For a 4-6 person table, we suggest the "Start" price point; a table for 6-10 person table, we suggest the "Shown" price point; for a 10-12 person table, the "Up-graded" version. Each price point offers a taper candle option should you wish to select that. Each centerpiece is unique and the image is an example of the type of flora and size for the "Shown" without candles. The picture shows a design approx. 16" long and 12" deep/wide. While the floral selection may change depending upon price point and floral availability, each will be based upon "Fall" colors. Centerpiece container will vary based upon price point and container availability. If you have any Design Requests, please make these when ordering and we will try to accommodate such a request.
Start design
Shown design
Up-graded design
Start w/2 candles
Shown w/2 candles
Up-graded w/2 candles