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Eugenia Topiary
Item No: MES321
Eugenia Myrtifolia is usually found as a topiary - cones, spirals and balls. We offer this elegant evergreen plant in the form of a 2-ball plant. During the spring to early fall months, this may be placed outside, perhaps by the front door as a charming, welcoming, plant. In our temperature zone, the plant needs to be brought indoors - Eugenias do not like temperatures below 34F - and overwintered indoors as an elegant houseplant. Eugenia is straightforward to grow: follow he temperature information above; keeping the soil moist but not saturated and never let the soil dry out; position inside in a south or west facing window to allow the light this plant desires. Presented in 3 options: Start with a basket pot cover; Shown with an opaque, plastic pot cover; Up-graded in a ceramic pot cover. The individual plants are approx. 26" in height and 9" in diameter.