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Ficus Alii
Item No: MES352
Ficus Alii, sometimes known as "Banana leaf Fig", the word Ali is Hawaiian for King, resembles a broader leaf Willow. These plants tolerate a range of conditions: bright light to full sun and very dry to wet soil - great for plant newbies. It will temporarily shed leaves if the amount or nature of light, watering, or their location changes but there is no need to panic! This process is perfectly normal as the tree adjusts to its new situation, and new leaves will quickly form. For optimal growth, place your Ficus Alii facing a western or southern window in your home but not touching the window glass. Our plant is for indoor use only in our climate region, approx. 56" h x 36"w and planted in a 14" diameter growers pot. Available in the growers pot only, or grower's pot with wicker basket pot cover or with a fiberglass, dark beige 16" square pot cover.... partly seen in the bottom of the photograph
In grower's pot
Pot w/basket pot cover
Pot w/fiberglass pot cover