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Croton plant
Item No: MES353
Croton plants are delightful, especially in the Fall season. Croton require plenty of bright light and tolerate direct sun outside of the mid-day hours. The plant also enjoys humid levels indoors between 40-80% .... misting the plant regularly helps keep humidity high .... and the plant should have moist, but not soggy soil. We offer the 6" and 8" pot sizes in growers pots or with wicker pots covers. The 6" plant can also be purchased with a ceramic pot cover. The 6" plants are approx. 20" h x 18" w and the 8" plants approx. 28" h x 30" w.
6" growers pot
6" w/wicker pot cover
6" w/ceramic pot cover
8" growers pot
8" w/wicker pot cover