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Kumquat Tree
Item No: MES358
Imagine fresh Kumquat's to pick right-off the tree! Kumquat's bear fruit that look like small oranges and may be eaten raw or used to make marmalade, jams or jellies. The plant is suitable in our climate zone only for indoor use, except at the height of summer. Kumquat's require full sun exposure, a warm climate and the soil must be able to be well drained. Kumquat is self-pollinating so you do not need another tree to product fruit. A Kumquat will flower and produce fruit in their second year - our delivered plants are not currently bearing fruit. Flowering times are mid-late Spring. We offer the Kumquat in a grow pot, or the grow pot with a wicket basket pot cover or in a fiberglass pot cover. The Kumquat trees are approx. 48" tall x 22" diameter and the grow pot is 12" diameter.
Growers pot
With basket pot cover
With fiberglass pot cover