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Peony Plant
Item No: MES391
We love Peonies... so much so we are offering Peony Plants as well as cut flowers now. Our plants are in 6" diameter pots and at least 16" in height.... many Peonies sold in the general market are sold as bare root as opposed to young plants as pictured. Some of our plants are even in bud with our blooming season usually in May, perhaps not June. Peony plants require light shade or full sun - they like about 6-8 hours of sunlight every day. Adequate light will also better maximize blooms. Peonies prefer full sun in mild climates, light shade in hot climates : our zone 7b is considered towards the hotter side. Plant where the soil is moist or boggy. Be sure there is proper drainage. The soil should not dry out. The plants once mature will be between 24"-30". Sold and priced as individual plants. There are 2 plants in pots in the image for illustrative purposes only. Full care information included as pictured.
$37.95 1 plant