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Peace Lily
Item No: MES78
A perennial favorite, the Spathiphyllum or "peace lily" is perfect for all manner of occasions: get well; congratulations; thank you; and in sympathy to name but a few. The peace lily is very tolerant but is best kept located inside (in our New Jersey area at least) and in medium, in-direct, light. The plant will also almost "tell you" when it needs water! The plant is, interestingly, one of the best plants to keep to help freshen internal/room air. We offer a 6" potted plant with a dressing of moss over the top of the soil, either presented in a basket pot cover or a ceramic or metal pot cover. The 6" plant is approx. 20" tall but sizes will vary. Note that the number of "white spikes" ( flowers ) may vary markedly from one plant to another.
Shown 6 inch pot
Up-graded 6 inch pot