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Family Thanksgiving
Family Thanksgiving
Item No: MES99
Perfect for the family dining table at Thanksgiving. A time for gathering and giving thanks, this centerpiece with lilies, roses, daisies, Mums and seasonal accompaniments dresses the table wonderfully. We offer 3 sizes: Start design with 1 candle & approx. 12" diameter for a table of up to 6 persons; Shown design with 2 candles & approx. 15" diameter for a table of 6-8 persons; Up-graded design with 3 candles & approx. 18" diameter for a table of 8-12 persons. Height is approx. 12". We reserve the right to make floral adjustments and candle color changes based upon availability at the Thanksgiving period but the over-all look will be appropriate for the Holiday.
Start design (w/1 candle)
Shown design (w 2/candles)
Up-graded design (w 3/candles)